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CadBlu ezMILL - Dental Desktop Milling System



PLUG AND PLAY No milling expirience necessary.

  • Simple to use
  • Plug and play setup
  • Super compact size
  • Versatile
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Capable of producing 16-unit restorations

Milling has never been this easy. Introducing CadBlu Dental’s  new line of 4 & 5 axis compact desktop milling systems, combining high-speed production and precision accuracy in a variety of compact and affordable tabletop units.

CadBlu Dental’s ezMILL is a professional and easy to use system that provides first class results to any size lab. Utilizing a variety of cutting edge features, the ezMILL is able to manufacture a variety of restoration types using a variety of available materials, including zirconium, acrylic and wax.

ezMILL™ features include:

  • High quality doesn’t have to mean mean high priced

  • 15.7”W x 16.1”H x 15.1”D (400/400+)
  • 24.4”W x 20.2”H x 20.8”D (450+/500+)

  • Simultaneous 4 & 5 axis machining available

  • Robust multi-tool automatic changer

  • Zirconia milled units in under 10 minutes

  • Multi material system (98mm disks, 10-26 mm thick)

  • Included CAM software is easy to use and requires no previous experience
  • Integrated with the CadBlu's ezMILL is CadBlu's Dental CAM software, providing push button manufacturing in an easy to use and complete software suite.



Above: Nesting with the CadBlu Dental CAM software

CadBlu Dental CAM software features:

  • Fast and friendly nesting procedures allow you to organize and arrange your files any way you want. Not enough files to fill the disc? Mill half a disc and machine the remaining material later using the integrated disc management system.

  • Quick and easy file and material selection.  Completely open source and accepts all STL filetypes.

  • On screen warnings are displayed immediately, letting you know when there might be a problem with part placement.

  • Easily define your manufacturing parameters using easy to learn controls, pulling up pre-programmed machine strategies and settings for a wide range of materials and restoration types and sizes.

The CadBlu Dental ezMILL Open Architecture Milling System is a simple-to-use milling system that offers best-in-class performance and capability, with one of the smallest footprints ever found in a milling unit.. In conjunction with other CadBlu system components and software, the CadBlu Dental ezMILL Desktop Milling System offers dental lab owners a complete, integrated Dental Manufacturing System.

CadBlu Dental ezMILL product datasheet